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February 2014

As a business owner serving the manufacturing community, I believe there is nothing more important than the young people of this country. The manufacturing industry relies on the next generation of skilled workers, managers and entrepreneurs to lead this country into a prosperous future.

Champion Now exists to change the image of manufacturing from the unrealistic, stereotypical “dark and dirty” industry to one that is filled with extreme technology, advanced innovations,and exhilarating and good paying careers available for the next generation.

With extraordinary films, presentations and the Champion Now message, we have created a platform to move manufacturing forward. Together, with the power of the industry supporting us,we will reach the next generation with exciting educational films, presentations and internships that demonstrate how manufacturing is the foundation of our North American economy and offers exhilarating career choices. This effort will only succeed with the enthusiastic support and generous financial contribution from the manufacturing industry to fund ourreach into the classrooms, out to the influencers, parents, teachers and the general public. The Champion Now team is working with local companies, schools & the TMA Education Foundation to bring Launch Point - videos telling successful young people’s path in their own Illinois manufacturing careers. We hope that these role models will help inspire others to follow into a passionate career choice in manufacturing.

Are you our next Champion? Join us in supporting our exciting & inspirational educational initiatives to change the perception of manufacturing.

Thank you.


Terry M. Iverson

Champion Now 

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