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Change How American Manufacturing’s Perceived In Our Nation

A huge thank you to the Illinois Manufacturing Excellence Center (IMEC) for helping us roll out our Illinois-based pilot camps with great success! We’re excited about our upcoming camps along with rolling out Camp CHAMP! nationally. If you or your organization is interested in engaging youth in a dynamic manufacturing setting that leaves a lasting impact, let us know of your interest and we can bring our fully mobile Camp CHAMP! to you!


“As a business owner serving the manufacturing community, I believe there is nothing more important than the young people of this country. “

Terry M. Iverson

Champion Now - News - 2017 Daily Herald Business Ledger – C Suite Award

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Areas of focus for donations raised
  1. Promotion/Marketing of Manufacturing Careers
  2. Scholarships for students to study manufacturing careers
  3. CHAMPION Now® CNC Rocks™ Summer Camp
  4. Mentorship Programs
  5. Promotion of Industry Engagement with Local High School programs
  6. Promotion of Internship Programs