ChampionNow Scholarship “Intent to Apply”

Please fill out the following fields for the Jerry R. Iverson Memorial Manufacturing Scholarship, so that we may reach out in case of any unforeseen circumstances during the application process. By filling out this form it shows intent to apply for this year’s scholarship. Once you have hit the submit button, it gives us permission to email both you and your teacher/sponsor further instructions to finalize the process and complete your application.


Please note that scholarships are awarded to the school/program of your choice, in your name. Scholarships are not awarded directly to the student, but to the program of their choice to help fund their education.

NOTE: After you hit submit, you will be sent an email of instructions to fill out a profile on the Applicant Advantage website. This will not only enter you a chance at a $1,000 scholarship, but also give you potential access to manufacturing internships, and exposure to potential employment opportunities.