Board of Directors

ChampionNow - Board of Directors - Terry Iverson - Founder

“I have been working with and mentoring young people all of my adult life. Our youth are most important priority in life. Over a decade and a half ago I transitioned from coaching travel soccer to becoming ingrained into the technical education fabric of the Midwest and around the country. This was the start of what became CHAMPION Now!®. Many distractions tried to pull me away from this concept, fortunately it became a focus that wouldn’t go away. The marketing of good paying manufacturing careers and their opportunities they offer is essential for so many reasons. Our country’s economy, manufacturers and young people all have much to gain in the process of understanding today’s reality. Help us discover tomorrow’s CHAMPIONS and become a CHAMPION Now!®”

Terry M. Iverson

Champion Now - Board of Directors - Lindsay Weglarz

“The goal of CHAMPION Now® is to help reshape antiquated views of the manufacturing industry. With a high percentage of college graduates not using their degrees as intended, too much time, money, and debt is being acquired for an education that doesn’t necessarily help graduates in the long run. CHAMPION Now® is striving to help showcase profitable opportunities in a thriving industry that the majority of mainstream society doesn’t view as a viable pathway to professional success for a variety of reasons.”

Lindsay Weglarz

Associate Marketing Manager Allstate Insurance Company

ChampionNow - Board of Directors - Rodney Grover - Industry Expert

“In an effort to ensure the continued prosperity of individuals, families and communities throughout this country, the manufacturing industry must do a better job in marketing itself to this generation and generations to come. With millions of positions in the industry going unfilled, a skills gap that is widening by the day and unemployment at record lows, the manufacturing industry may only be one recession away, from going away. The days of complaining about the difficulties of finding skilled talent should be behind us. Its time industry leaders, companies, educational institutions and trade associations work together through a common platform to find our next Champions. Champions who are sitting right in front of us at the dinner table and inside of our classrooms.”

Rodney Grover

ChampionNow - Board of Directors - Warren Young - Acme Industries

“The goal of the CHAMPION Now® initiative is to help everyone understand and to market the tremendous value that Manufacturing can give to those who choose that path for their careers. CHAMPION Now® is a critical initiative to help connect potential employees to very rewarding opportunities with manufacturing employers who cannot grow their businesses and be successful without talented and motivated human resources.”

Warren Young

Manufacturing Owner
Acme Industries
ChampionNow - Board of Directors - Kathy Iverson - Iverson and Co

“CHAMPION Now® is a movement to get people from all walks of life: every ethnicity, race, income level, student, teacher, parent, grandparent, guidance counselor, in the know about Manufacturing in the United States. Manufacturing can offer so much to so many as a source of good income and a steady career. It provides a way to make things with your hands and your mind using advanced computerized machining. The CHAMPION Now® movement offers camps, internships, plant tours, education materials, mentoring and so much more to help people understand the Manufacturing Industry.”

Kathy Iverson