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Change How American Manufacturing’s Perceived In Our Nation


Virtual Manufacturing Camp SAMPLE SUMMARY

This is a 19 minute video showing various aspects of the different video segments. CNC ROCKS currently includes over 18 different episodes and well over 180 minutes of total content. This series is intended to be supplemental visuals to assist and support CTE curriculum.

ChampionNow - Founder Terry Iverson with group of students


“As a business owner serving the manufacturing community, I believe there is nothing more important than the young people of this country. “

Terry M. Iverson

Finding America’s Greatest Champion is a book I challenge you to buy and to read. Why?

The future of manufacturing in the United States depends on us to bring change:
  • Change in how we view the art of manufacturing 
  • Change in how we view the return on the prototypical college education.
  • Change in how to contend with student loan debt
  • Change in our country’s place in making the world’s products.
  • Change in how we view workers who consider themselves craftsmen – “makers”
  • Change in how we view American made products
  • Change in how we mentor our next generation youth
Champion Now - News - 2017 Daily Herald Business Ledger – C Suite Award

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Areas of focus for donations raised
  1. Promotion/Marketing of Manufacturing Careers
  2. Scholarships for students to study manufacturing careers
  3. CHAMPION Now® CNC Rocks™ Summer Camp
  4. Mentorship Programs
  5. Promotion of Industry Engagement with Local High School programs
  6. Promotion of Internship Programs

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