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CNC Rocks Camp

In June 2018 I conducted a CNC ROCKS camp in Jacksonville, Florida. After shipping and rigging a machine, setting up a job to run amongst many other expensive logistics, we had a great week of learning. Many of the young people were enlightened to CNC turning and inspection aspects of careers in manufacturing. It was great! That being said, I thought there had to be a better, less expensive and more effective manner to bring this experience to young people around the country. After learning from a friend Vondale Singleton that he was conducting a virtual mentoring during COVID-19, my virtual camp concept was born. This way I can reach so many young people, during a time that people are open to virtual programs. I conducted several surveys of both educators and also companies to get feedback. I hope you enjoy. Please review the 19-minute sample on the CHAMPIONNow! homepage.


Virtual Manufacturing Camp SAMPLE SUMMARY

This is a 19 minute video showing various aspects of the different video segments. CNC ROCKS currently includes over 18 different episodes and well over 180 minutes of total content. This series is intended to be supplemental visuals to assist and support CTE curriculum.